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TCF Grant Application Guidelines

Application for
TCF Grant Program
(proposals for up to $5000)

Submit applications electronically as a .doc or .pdf file in formal grant proposal format with the following required sections:

  1. Standardized TCF Proposal Cover Sheet (download) MUST be filled out and submitted with the proposal

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  2. Title page with full contact details, including mail and e-mail address of all investigators
  3. Short summary of the overall project objective and requested funding
  4. Background and research or conservation rationale
  5. Specific methodology
  6. Discuss your vision for a longer-term conservation strategy for the species (for which the project may represent a component), and discuss how this may be achieved and who may be involved with this effort over the longer term
  7. Project deliverables anticipated
  8. Total project expenses
  9. Funding requested from TCF
  10. Funding available or requested from other organizations
  11. General timetable
  12. Literature cited
  13. Curriculum Vitae for principal investigators (or for primary personnel for an organizational grant request).

• By submitting an application, and if funded, the proponents declare that all permits required to carry out the proposed project will be obtained as necessary, and that no work on the project will be commenced without the required permits.

• Further, the proponents declare that they and their project collaborators will not collect, obtain, or distribute any turtles or other wildlife, whether live animals, parts or derivatives, for possession, transport, export, import, or sale, in breach of applicable laws and regulations, during any phase of the supported project.

The proposal itself must be no longer than 12 pages (shorter is better) and c.v.'s must be no longer than 3 pages per individual. All type must be of good readable size, no smaller than 12-point font.

The TCF provides grants in support of direct research and conservation expenses of selected turtle projects and programs. TCF does not provide support for indirect organizational overhead expenses associated with administration of grants, and will not fund requests for such indirect costs.


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All TCF Awards are granted through an internal review process carried out by the Executive Board of the TCF.

Application Deadlines:  May 1 and December 1
Award Determinations:  approximately August 31 and March 31 (dates may vary)

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Submit ALL TCF grant proposals electronically via e-mail to:

Hugh R. Quinn, Anders G.J. Rhodin, and Vivian P. Páez
(do not mail paper copies)

TCF Contact Information:

Hugh R. Quinn, Ph.D.
Co-Chair, Turtle Conservation Fund
Coordinator, TCF Grant Program
miley cyrus the climb mp3 E-mail: Hugh R. Quinn       

Anders G.J. Rhodin, M.D.
Co-Chair, Turtle Conservation Fund
Director, Chelonian Research Foundation
168 Goodrich Street
Lunenburg, MA 01462 USA
Phone: 1-978-807-2902
E-mail: Anders Rhodin

Vivian P. Páez, Ph.D.
Co-Coordinator, TCF Grant Program
Profesora Titular, Instituto de Biología
Universidad de Antioquia
A.A. 1226, Medellin, Colombia
Phone: 574-596-2836
E-mail: Vivian Páez

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